How To Make Your Beautiful Hair Grow Faster?

Your hair is an amazing extension of you, and you want to grow it out, don’t you? Realistically speaking there is no magical spell or formula to grow your hair out quickly and incredibly long (not counting hair extensions). Therefore, instead of drooling over how gorgeous celebrities look with their mermaid hair, (Emilia Clarke on Game Of Thrones) we have given you a couple of suggestions so that you can also have such amazing hair and proudly flaunt it around.

While washing the hair, you can massage the scalp gently with your fingertips, starting at the back of your neck and then move onto to the top of the head. Move back and forth between the back of the head and the front.

Grab some oil, ask a friend or a family member to give you a head massage. The oil can be almond oil or coconut oil. This can stimulate a good blood flow which will surely help all the nutrients reach your hair follicles faster than usual.

If you are growing your hair out, you are surely avoiding any chopping off scenarios. However, healthy hair can grow faster, and if you let split ends work their course then, they can keep on working up the strands of your hair and end up damaging a lot of it. This will cause breakage. Make sure you cut off all the split ends.

Shampooing does indeed get rid of all the dirt that may have been caught up in your hair, but you should know that it completely strips your hair off all the natural oils that it has. Conditioning your hair will replenish all the necessary nutrients that it needs to be healthy.

natural oils

You need to lay off the heating tools. You do realize that the ‘burnt hair smell’ that your hair straightener or hair curler produces cannot be a good sign. That is because it is definitely NOT a good sign. These heating products can cause a lot of heat damage. Heat damage causes your hair to become dry and brittle. It is indeed a very bad sign. Even when you buy a hair dryer, a good quality one will have a blow dryer setting where it expels normal temperature air, which also dries your hair. Do not expose your hair to any kind of heat. Even in the shower, try showering in warm water, very hot water can damage your scalp and ruin hair follicles. If you absolutely have to have a very hot water shower, use a shower cap. Even a lot of steam can mess with your hair, so if you have a habit of steaming every day, try and do it only 1-2 times a week.