How To Maintain Your Hair Color All Summer

Coloring our hair has become somewhat of a trend nowadays. Almost everyone who has a thirst for exploring and experimenting with their looks do it often. You can choose from a wide variety of options, and you can even choose whether you want a temporary color or permanent color. Even the permanent one doesn’t stay the same color forever. Writing from personal experience, I have brownish-black hair, and I wanted to make it completely brown. So I choose to get a dark brown color for my hair. I used a very good quality dye as well. The day I got it colored I actually could see no visible differences, but within a few weeks, I started seeing very visible changes in my hair that I loved. Therefore, you sometimes you need to wait for the color to fade out properly, this happens within a couple of shampoo washes.

For example: if you get your hair colored red, even highlights, the red eventually fades into a beautiful brown color.

There are so many ways your hair can go awry all summer long, whether you are underneath the harsh sunlight or in a pool filled with chlorine, these scenarios can affect your hair. If you have dyed your hair, these instances can surely fade during summertime. Therefore here are some tips to keep the color vibrant all summer long.

Maintain the health of your hair; Northbridge hair salon Radiance Hair says healthy hair is one of the most important things that you need to keep your color, without fading. If your hair is strong, the color remains strong and vibrant.

Condition your hair before you get into a water body of any sort, even if it does or does not have chlorine. Salt in seawater makes the color from your fade faster, and chlorine can properly discolor your hair and imparts a green tinge in it. It is suggested that you wet your hair and apply a recommended conditioner before you dive into either water bodies.

hair is strong

Apply coconut oil so that it can act as a sunscreen. Coconut oil has a natural SPF rating of around 6 which is undoubtedly not enough for your skin, but it is surely perfect for poolside hair protection. It even doubles as a hydration treatment.

Try using cold water to rinse your hair. Hot and humid weather can make you shower more. While showering, keep the shampooing to a minimum and for colored hair, try and use cold water while rinsing it because it keeps the cuticles closed which will, in turn, keep the hair color from fading away.

If you are given a choice between a shampoo and a cleansing cream, you should definitely choose a cleansing cream because shampoos can strip your hair of all the natural oils.