How To Maintain Your Hair Color All Summer

Coloring our hair has become somewhat of a trend nowadays. Almost everyone who has a thirst for exploring and experimenting with their looks do it often. You can choose from a wide variety of options, and you can even choose whether you want a temporary color or permanent color. Even the permanent one doesn’t stay the same color forever. Writing from personal experience, I have brownish-black hair, and I wanted to make it completely brown. So I choose to get a dark brown color for my hair. I used a very good quality dye as well. The day I got it colored I actually could see no visible differences, but within a few weeks, I started seeing very visible changes in my hair that I loved. Therefore, you sometimes you need to wait for the color to fade out properly, this happens within a couple of shampoo washes.

For example: if you get your hair colored red, even highlights, the red eventually fades into a beautiful brown color.

There are so many ways your hair can go awry all summer long, whether you are underneath the harsh sunlight or in a pool filled with chlorine, these scenarios can affect your hair. If you have dyed your hair, these instances can surely fade during summertime. Therefore here are some tips to keep the color vibrant all summer long.

Maintain the health of your hair; healthy hair is one of the most important things that you need to keep your color, without fading. If your hair is strong, the color remains strong and vibrant.

Condition your hair before you get into a water body of any sort, even if it does or does not have chlorine. Salt in seawater makes the color from your fade faster, and chlorine can properly discolor your hair and imparts a green tinge in it. It is suggested that you wet your hair and apply a recommended conditioner before you dive into either water bodies.

hair is strong

Apply coconut oil so that it can act as a sunscreen. Coconut oil has a natural SPF rating of around 6 which is undoubtedly not enough for your skin, but it is surely perfect for poolside hair protection. It even doubles as a hydration treatment.

Try using cold water to rinse your hair. Hot and humid weather can make you shower more. While showering, keep the shampooing to a minimum and for colored hair, try and use cold water while rinsing it because it keeps the cuticles closed which will, in turn, keep the hair color from fading away.

If you are given a choice between a shampoo and a cleansing cream, you should definitely choose a cleansing cream because shampoos can strip your hair of all the natural oils.


How To Make Your Beautiful Hair Grow Faster?

Your hair is an amazing extension of you, and you want to grow it out, don’t you? Realistically speaking there is no magical spell or formula to grow your hair out quickly and incredibly long (not counting hair extensions). Therefore, instead of drooling over how gorgeous celebrities look with their mermaid hair, (Emilia Clarke on Game Of Thrones) we have given you a couple of suggestions so that you can also have such amazing hair and proudly flaunt it around.

While washing the hair, you can massage the scalp gently with your fingertips, starting at the back of your neck and then move onto to the top of the head. Move back and forth between the back of the head and the front.

Grab some oil, ask a friend or a family member to give you a head massage. The oil can be almond oil or coconut oil. This can stimulate a good blood flow which will surely help all the nutrients reach your hair follicles faster than usual.

If you are growing your hair out, you are surely avoiding any chopping off scenarios. However, healthy hair can grow faster, and if you let split ends work their course then, they can keep on working up the strands of your hair and end up damaging a lot of it. This will cause breakage. Make sure you cut off all the split ends.

Shampooing does indeed get rid of all the dirt that may have been caught up in your hair, but you should know that it completely strips your hair off all the natural oils that it has. Conditioning your hair will replenish all the necessary nutrients that it needs to be healthy.

natural oils

You need to lay off the heating tools. You do realize that the ‘burnt hair smell’ that your hair straightener or hair curler produces cannot be a good sign. That is because it is definitely NOT a good sign. These heating products can cause a lot of heat damage. Heat damage causes your hair to become dry and brittle. It is indeed a very bad sign. Even when you buy a hair dryer, a good quality one will have a blow dryer setting where it expels normal temperature air, which also dries your hair. Do not expose your hair to any kind of heat. Even in the shower, try showering in warm water, very hot water can damage your scalp and ruin hair follicles. If you absolutely have to have a very hot water shower, use a shower cap. Even a lot of steam can mess with your hair, so if you have a habit of steaming every day, try and do it only 1-2 times a week.

Hair Beautiful

How Can Coconut Oil Make Your Hair Beautiful

Some people say that coconut oil is magical oil, there are actually so many kinds of oils out there, but coconut oil comes out on top. It has gained a glowing reputation as there is not much it can’t do compared to other oils. It can burn fat, give you healthy and thick hair, fight bacteria and properly remove make-up. I could actually go on about its uses, but I have chosen to list out why it is amazing for your hair. Many stylists, celebrities and hair specialists have come out and accepted that coconut oil is indeed the best kind of oil that you can use on your hair, which is actually very good news because coconut oil is incredibly cheap to purchase. Here are some tips that you should go through:

 Coconut oil

–    Coconut oil can make the hair grow longer, make it healthier and even thicker, to an extent. The vitamins and the fatty acids that are in coconut oil can nourish the scalp and even penetrate the cuticles of your hair. You should apply a treatment mask once every week, for a minimum of 10 minutes. The oil even helps remove sebum build up in the follicles.

–    Coconut oil can and should be used before a major hair dye job to prevent any damage that can happen during hair coloring. Some hair stylists have come out and said that they ask some clients to apply coconut oil and then come before getting highlights or choosing a platinum color for the hair since it helps the hair and protects it from bleach.

–    Use coconut oil and lather it all over your hair before you get a shampoo treatment. It is indeed not a secret that there are harsh ingredients in some shampoos that can strip your hair of its natural oils, very good-for-you oils. Many experts say that if you feel your hair is dry; give it a coconut oil treatment. Massage your scalp and your hair with coconut oil every week.

–    Use it as a leave-in treatment. “I absolutely love using coconut oil as a leave-in treatment, especially during the summer”, says a hair specialist. The heat from the sun can open the cuticles, and therefore the oil can penetrate your hair even more. The ingredients have natural agents that protect your hair and save it from some big-time sun damage. It even shields your hair from getting too dry and brittle from chlorine and salt water. You should have a bottle in your bag and apply some before getting into bodies of water.

After examining the above points, you will see why coconut oil is such a winner when it comes to oils.

Dark Circles

Beauty Tips To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

If you are the kind of person who gets under-eye circles and bags as well if you don’t get any sleep, you have come to the right place. Eyes are indeed a dead giveaway if something is wrong with someone, so if you are one of those people do something about it. And what you can do is follow what is in this article, precisely. Eyes are windows to the soul, and you don’t want those windows to look all worn out, do you?

Change your sleep cycle: (if your sleep cycle is the same as below then don’t change it). It does sound obvious, that is because it is. A well-rested person appears fresh when awake and will have the energy to conquer the world (metaphorically speaking). Try and get into bed every day by 9.30, so you fall asleep by 10 pm. Wake up at 6 am-7am. You will have had proper 8-9 hours of sleep. Which is more than the body needs. This bedtime becomes natural to you, and your body will adjust to it.

right place

Increase H2O (water) intake. This will benefit you in so many ways. It reduces the water weight in your body; yes losing water weight can be achieved by taking in more water. I myself chug water every day, at least 3 liters. I find this to be a very normal amount as I am an active person. You should try and drink a liter of water before every meal; this will make sure that you won’t over eat and you also will have consumed a good amount of water. This has helped me with the under-eye circles and has indeed made my skin look fantastic.

Replace your coffee intake with some green tea instead. I get that you may need caffeine to give you enough energy to tackle your day, but green tea can be very helpful as natural caffeine, but compared to coffee it has way lesser amounts of caffeine. It will help you stick to the change in bed timings as well.

8-9 hours of sleep

This next trick is actually an age-old trick. Using cucumber slices to cool off. Cold and freshly cut cucumber do indeed feel amazing on the eyes; they even help in sucking out excess heat that rests in the eyes. It even decreases inflammation around the tired skin of your eyes. When you are getting in bed, leave them on for 15-20 minutes while you listen to some music.

Try and reduce your intake of sugar. This is for overall skin improvement. It can also be counted as a dietary trick to decrease the bloat of the body.