Dark Circles

Beauty Tips To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

If you are the kind of person who gets under-eye circles and bags as well if you don’t get any sleep, you have come to the right place. Eyes are indeed a dead giveaway if something is wrong with someone, so if you are one of those people do something about it. And what you can do is follow what is in this article, precisely. Eyes are windows to the soul, and you don’t want those windows to look all worn out, do you?

Change your sleep cycle: (if your sleep cycle is the same as below then don’t change it). It does sound obvious, that is because it is. A well-rested person appears fresh when awake and will have the energy to conquer the world (metaphorically speaking). Try and get into bed every day by 9.30, so you fall asleep by 10 pm. Wake up at 6 am-7am. You will have had proper 8-9 hours of sleep. Which is more than the body needs. This bedtime becomes natural to you, and your body will adjust to it.

right place

Increase H2O (water) intake. This will benefit you in so many ways. It reduces the water weight in your body; yes losing water weight can be achieved by taking in more water. I myself chug water every day, at least 3 liters. I find this to be a very normal amount as I am an active person. You should try and drink a liter of water before every meal; this will make sure that you won’t over eat and you also will have consumed a good amount of water. This has helped me with the under-eye circles and has indeed made my skin look fantastic.

Replace your coffee intake with some green tea instead. I get that you may need caffeine to give you enough energy to tackle your day, but green tea can be very helpful as natural caffeine, but compared to coffee it has way lesser amounts of caffeine. It will help you stick to the change in bed timings as well.

8-9 hours of sleep

This next trick is actually an age-old trick. Using cucumber slices to cool off. Cold and freshly cut cucumber do indeed feel amazing on the eyes; they even help in sucking out excess heat that rests in the eyes. It even decreases inflammation around the tired skin of your eyes. When you are getting in bed, leave them on for 15-20 minutes while you listen to some music.

Try and reduce your intake of sugar. This is for overall skin improvement. It can also be counted as a dietary trick to decrease the bloat of the body.